Our Story

Dedicated Parents

Our Story

We are a team of dedicated parents and newborn sleep experts helping babies receive the safest, most nurturing sleep environment from birth to four months. These first months of life are so crucial to how a baby develops and thrives. Sleepynest continues a womb-like environment at home so baby feels safe, secure, and comfortable just like they felt in mama’s belly for 9 months.

Healthy Sleep

Better Sleep

Sleepynest is the only cradle with a womb-like environment based on clinically proven results and patented technology.

Healthy sleep is the foundation for your home’s complete harmony – physically and emotionally. Babies who use Sleepynest cry less and sleep more, which means parents are getting the sleep they need and deserve.

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Our Story

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The Dream Team

Available in Fall 2020

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100% Guaranteed

We know you will love Sleepynest, but if not, 30 day money back guarantee.

Free Shipping

Enjoy free shipping in the U.S. and free return shipping when cradle is returned.

We Give Back

We donate cradles to daycares and families with limited means.


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