The Sleepynest Calming Cradle

The only smart cradle that recreates the womb environment
using mom’s actual biometrics

Dramatically less crying,

more sleep for you and baby

Rapidly Calms and Soothes

63% Less Crying

Improved Sleep

Safer – 100% Breathable

A more effective smart cradle…more calming, less crying, more sleep

For Investors

The Sleepynest Calming Cradle is a unique opportunity to invest in the future of baby care

For Parents

From chaos-to-calm in 15 seconds. See how quickly the Sleepynest Calming Cradle calms Baby Finn

Clinically Proven and Mother tested.  Clinical testing shows substantially reduced crying, increased sleep and accelerated neurological development
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The Benefits of Sleepynest

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Mom’s Actual Biometrics

Uses Mom’s actual biometrics to tailor motion and sound to replicate the womb experience

Longer Sleep

92% of babies sleep through the night at 11 weeks, 24% more than average babies.

Less Crying

Babies cry up to 63% less.

Reduces Risk of Suffocation

100% breathe-through mattress reduces the risk of suffocation and CO2 rebreathing.

Sleep Trains Naturally

Naturally weans babies and helps them learn to self-soothe and naturally fall asleep consistently

Accelerates Development

Lowering babies’ stress accelerates their neurological and physical development.

A Safer Cradle

Fully breathable sides and mattress, safely holds baby on back, no WIFI radiation, no off-gassing foam, whisper-quiet sound, motion safety checks, medical grade UL power module 

Economical & Ecologically Sound

Because you rent our cradles, rather than buy them, they’re re-usable, more affordable and better for the environment.

With Sleepynest, you don’t have to choose between caring for your baby and getting the sleep you need

Rent the Calming Cradle for less than $5 per day

Breathable Mesh

Fully breathable mesh sides and mattress eliminate suffocation risk and control temperature

Feels like Mom's womb

Mom’s actual biometrics are used to adjust the cradle motion and sound to mimic mom’s actual day/night activity during the 3rd trimester

TruBeat™ Heartbeat

The TruBeat sound utilizes the actual sounds of a mother’s heart beat as they are heard from inside the womb

Woombie™ Sleepsack

The Woombie sleepsack is designed to swaddle the baby, reducing the “startle-reflex” that wakes babies, helps to regulate temperature and mimics the snuggly feeling of the womb

Automated Weaning Feature

An automated weaning feature helps to sleep train babies and make for a smooth transition from cradle to crib

Smartphone App

A smartphone app allows for full adjustment of the features of the cradle

Helping Hands™

The Helping Hands gently and safely hold your baby on their back in the American Association of Pediatricians recommended position to reduce the risk of SIDS

Prior to each rental, all surfaces touched by baby are replaced with 100% new materials and entire cradle is cleaned using hospital grade cleaning materials.

Our rental program provides you a premium product at an affordable price.

  • Flexible rental periods of 3 to 6 months
  • Cradle delivery timed with your baby delivery
  • Safer – Fully breathable mattress reduces risk of suffocation and baby is comfortably secured on its back
  • More effective – More effective than other cradles in reducing crying and increasing sleep
  • Easy to Use – No assembly and smart phone app aids ease of control

What Moms, Dads & Doctors are saying


Darryl, Father

"It's important to help developmentally.  The sound of the heartbeat helps him not be stressed so he can develop and grow the way he's meant to"

Gloria, Mother

"Renting is a good idea.  You only use the cradle for a couple of months so it's better than spending all that money, especially when you have so many things you need to buy for a new baby"

Marilyn E. Fox, Mother

“The first time we put her in the cradle, she slept for 3 hours.  Soon she was napping 2-3 hours and sleeping 8-9 hours at night”

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